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Iced Fairy Cakes

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I’m not quite sure how I ended up in baking overdrive for my daughter’s third birthday. It may possibly be down to the fact that I did a big family tea on the day itself followed by a party for hordes of rampaging toddlers just a couple of days later…and then a tea for nursery chums towards the end of the week. I am clearly a glutton for punishment.

By the final instalment – and after two “full on” birthday cakes (and yes, I now understand why people go to Tesco…) it had reached the stage where I could barely stand to be within a hundred yards of a bag of self-raising. And yet… and yet…

Enter my shiny new Mary Berry book, a bun tin and a bag of dolly mixture…

The cakes could not be quicker or easier to make. They are light as a feather and absolutely delicious. I used the standard fairy cake recipe and made half into regular sized buns for the children – and the rest into mini treats for the mums (on the basis that there is no guilt involved in consuming anything that teeny… we shall gloss over the number that each of us got through. Though the little ones helped out happily…)

We were lucky enough to meet Annabel Karmel the weekend before and so used tips she’d taught us for the chocolately bears.

Top image: Mary’s recipe as cooked and photographed by our professionals
Below: And then by Cari at home…

For the rest I had had visions of pastel loveliness. But I was so thrown by the fluorescence of the green (more mutant Kermit than muted lawn) that I tipped rather too much of the yellow into the mix – hence traffic light amber instead of pale morning sunlight.

But they tasted fantastic: by the time I had blinked to acclimatise my eyes to the dazzling hues the whole lot had gone. And the birthday girl’s verdict? “Delicious and scrumptious.”

From My Kitchen Table guest blogger, Cari Rosen. Cari is the author of The Secret Diary of a New Mum Aged 43 1/4. Visit her website.

The recipe tested in this blog post was Mary Berry’s Iced Fairy Cakes

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[...] Mary Berry’s Iced Fairy Cakes (with a little inspiration from her Little Gems & an added tribu… by author Cari Rosen [...]

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Added on May 10th, 2011

I really enjoyed reading about your birthday cake adventure! The cakes look great :-)

Added on April 20th, 2011

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